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3D Maze 2

3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts it's a new free version of 3D Maze adventure and puzzle games.
First edition of 3D Maze was downloaded almost 20 million times! Thank you!

This time you have 8 big levels designed in different ways with new features. Are you ready for exploration?
Collect gems, avoid ghosts and check how fast you can reach the end!

Now you can jump and see what's happening far away! Just tap the button on the left-bottom corner.

New levels are not easy. To avoid you frustration now you can check where you are in the 2D map... Prepare your memoryUśmiech
You can move and zoom map using swipe and pinch gesture.

Collect gems to unlock new characters and features!
Yellow Gem – gives you 5 points each gem. Collect them to unlock features or to save you from the ghosts.
Violet Gem – gives you shield for 20 seconds which protects you from the ghosts.
Red Diamond – unlocks Super Speed for 8 seconds. You will run with fire!

3D Maze 2

3D Maze 2

New characters!
Collect proper amount of gems and buy new sweet characters. You have six new characters to choose: Mazer, Soldier, African, Mazecraft, Doogie and Devil. Characters have different speeds. If you run faster you will achieve better times.
Unlock Soldier by liking our fanpage!

Shield and Super Speed
If you earn enough points from gems you can unlock Shield which protects you from the ghost in entire gameplay. Super Speed gives you unlimited increase of speed to achieve better times! All you need is to earn 1000 points for Shield or 1200 for Super Speed, press Unlock and turn it ON!

Be careful, now ghost are wandering in the labyrinth. Some kids says they are scary! You have three options to handle with them:

  • avoid or jump over them
  • use shield (you need to find Violet Gem)
  • if you bump into ghost use “Save Me” functionality which you can use if you have at least 20 points (4 Yellow Gems). Short cartoon battle will begin and ghost will be defeated.

Unlock all 7 achievements by buying characters and features.

Gold Stars
When you reach the end you will see how many gold stars did you get.
3 gold stars? You rock!

Treat for Minecraft fans
In level 4 you will get to the blocky labyrinth. Survive around the ghost in pixelated labyrinth with great 8 bit music.
However in this level you cannot craft anything. Sorry Uśmiech

Rest of the features:

  • Leaderboards
    Login to Google+ by clicking on Google Play Games icon and challenge the people around the world! Become a king of labyrinths!
  • Enjoy excellent HD graphics and music


3D Maze 2
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