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Mission Objectives
Find gold stolen by thugs! Don't let them get away with that. Our contact tells that they are hiding somewhere in Afghanistan territory.
Your special skills and choose out of 5 deadly weapons will make it easier for you! Collect gold hidden in secret areas to unlock better weapons and kill enemies faster without a scratch.
To make it more interesting you need to get through complicated mazes as fast as you can.

Be careful – inside the maze you can fall into enemies, so check your radar and map often.
You're fighting in the desert labyrinth location? Wear desert camo to blend more into environment. Tired of waging war? Try our special uniform – pink one!

Watch out for the green spots hidden in the ground – those are deadly land mines! You can also fall into them inside the labyrinth.

Maze Gold War

Maze Gold War

3D Maze: WAR OF GOLD features

  • explore open-world areas and complicated labyrinths in 6 different locations
  • kill 5 different kind of zombie-enemies wanted to stop you from finding The Gold
  • choose between 5 weapons including Minigun and RPG Rocket Launcher
  • collect dynamites! You will need them later
  • marvel at stunning places full of mountains, trees, cliffs and middle-east buildings
  • fight during day and night. It's too dark? Use a flashlight!
  • find secret areas for more hidden gold
  • buy new stuff and lives in shop for gold you have found or bought
  • use map if you get lost in one of five labyrinths
  • jump to avoid landmines and get quick orientation inside the labyrinth
  • use help of your fellow companion Joey
  • unlock new achievements and compare your scores on Leaderboards with your friends
  • radar! You can see where your enemies are hiding in the open area as well as inside the maze!
  • change your uniform! There are five different types of camo!
  • find The Vault!
  • at the end fight with Boss!


3D Maze: War of Gold
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